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We were all born with everything we needed in regards to movement. Now it is a matter of regaining what we have not used because if you don’t use it you will definitely lose it.

Move to function. Move well to be functional.

– Internal rotation of hips puts too much stress on the pelvis.

– Rib cage was elevated causing shoulder to elevate: Should sits on top of rib cage and both sits on pelvis and down through to the feet. Calls for good alignment.

– If MFR on one side of the body, try to balance the other side as well.

– Let feet arch collapse little because it is suppose to.

– From neck all the way down to the feet is all one myofascial system; so there is an effect if you rebalance the feet with a dowel.

– Relax the neck.

– Walk and feel what you actually feel and not what you should feel.

– Education often causes us to forget our natural instincts and locomotion. Forget education when it comes to natural sensory perception, proprioception, and orientation.

– Lead (walk) with your heart literally.

– Rolling with a dowel under the feet will reach the deeper tissues as your feet begin to relax into it.

– Roll over bone because the attachment must be taken care of. In this case, the glutes and hamstrings.