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An experts idea or opinion is not nearly as powerful as scientific evidence; but absolutely never forget that without experiences, science probably would never have existed.

From the quote above, somebody may ask what it means or wonder about the relationship between an experts opinion and science. I will attempt to address this from my own perspective. If you have studied at university or college or have been exposed to the concept of scientific support, then you will know what I am talking about. Almost everybody knows that there are five levels of scientific evidential support; but I will only focus on level 1 versus level 5. Think of level 1 as a very well peer-reviewed and vastly supported article and level 5 as an opinion coming from a regular person with learned innate experience. Before you pick a side or settle for both, think about how they are related to each other because I believe it is essential we understand it. We live in a world of “support” in which science is praised and honoured. We tend to forget the amount of education we can attain from an enriched opinion that can be sought from a regular person on the street. This may be cliché but if you look in every direction you can see at least one potential person with the knowledge that can make enormous changes. This is due to the personal experience that each of us have gone through at any point in our lives. But in today’s society there is less and less “intuition” for what makes sense. Therefore, if somebody tells you their “experts” opinion that makes all the sense in the world, it may still require scientific support for people to even begin to acknowledge. Do not get me wrong though, I absolutely love science because it gives us a sense of what works and what does not work. Science is an educational gift not only from one mind, but a combination of all intelligent minds; and we can never disapprove it. However, if you really think about it science can only educate us about what we “already” know. The world is forever-changing and it is not due to science but actually the personal opinions which will increase and improve our holistic knowledge. Both personal experiences and science have a place in the world even if the latter is praised and honoured a lot more. We just have to always remember that our education from the perspective of science will always be limited but our personal experiences are not. For example, we have heard many cases and incidents about doctors telling patients that they will never be able to walk or run ever again after a drastic accident; but we all know that this isn’t true at all. This is a perfect example of the limitations of academic education even at one of the highest levels (Medical doctors). To put this example into perspective, THESE individuals are the people who you wish to seek when you have been given depressing answers and they have the potential to teach you strategies beyond the limits of science. Why? Because they have unique “details” and their “opinions” alone may weigh more than all of science. This is the definition of in-depth education.

Final note: We should of course be cautious when it comes to following through with ideas and opinions because not all of them are good and acceptable for you; but if it makes sense it does not hurt to try. Never underestimate its potential to changing your life.

~Open Our Minds


There are so many acts of “care, kindness, and loving gestures” about people being a good person to elderly individuals, but one particular act I wish to shed light on. I don’t know if you will agree with me as of now but I will state it as something for you to think about before quickly jumping to these acts of kind gestures. However, I am ABSOLUTELY not telling anybody to “not” care for the elderly. I just have an opinionated idea.

We all know that when we are young we are able to move really well because our bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are at its optimum; but as we age the majority of our body structures will inevitably decline. Now you probably know I am speaking from a physiological and anatomical perspective. This is the main topic of my statement. A perfect portrayal is when everybody shows kindness whether reluctantly or wholeheartedly offering seats on the bus to elderly individuals. Not only is this offering of kindness but the “designated” seats for elderly individuals prompts everybody to feel the need to offer it or get up and move.

This doesn’t mean that if elderly individuals have a medical problem or disability you decide not to offer your seat, of course these people are loving exceptions. Now people may argue that “if we don’t offer our seats we look like a really bad person.” This is of course true in society’s eyes. But I am simply looking at this interesting act of service from another perspective and hope that it can change a bit with education.

What I am trying to say is that people who offer seats to elderly individuals all the time may actually be indirectly contributing detrimental effects to their overall preservation of health. It has a very minute effect in the eyes of one particular individual, but over time you can imagine that it will add up. And if you think about it, a bus ride for elderly’s is probably one of the most beneficial balance related workouts they will have throughout an entire day; because if they stand then the movement of the bus will provide them rich sensory feedback to maintain the balance that is slowly eroding. Another example is that in Asian cultures we tend to be “so” good towards our seniors, especially loved ones, to the point of telling them to not do any kind of duties and just rest and “sit down.” Usually this is due to our PERSPECTIVE of them being of old age now and have “earned” their rest. But if you think about it, by giving them the opportunity to help out with even small tasks (increases dexterity) it can preserve the longevity of their physical and physiological function.

So many “seniors” end up in senior homes could be because of a lack of physical and physiological stimulation as they enter old age. Dementia is one of the leading reasons for senior homes and continuous activity and stimulation may slow down this process. So I strongly suggest that we need to find a balance between “being kind and overly kind/loving with our elderly.”

We should educate elderly individuals to continue to “move” as much as they can so they do not lose the sensory feedback that they “need” in order to function throughout the rest of their years! Of course we should also educate their families and immediate loved ones as well as they serve the needed platform and support.

We were born to move so we should keep moving for the rest of our lives.

We can retire from old age but we must keep moving while we still can.

Cliche quote: “If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it.”

~Open Our Minds

Change is inevitable, let go of what you had and cherish what you still have.

There will always be change in our lives whether we like it or not. Change can be either good or bad or even in between. Eventually we should learn to accept it and work with it. Since changes are inevitable, why mope or sulk over something that we cannot control? Instead, we need to realize that we should cherish what is still around us and focus on things still within our grasp. Some may agree that “without loss, there is little gain.” (think big picture). Some people probably hate change so much that they wish everything was stable or the same. But remember that in a stable world, things will never improve or flourish in life or society.

~Open Our Minds

Christmas is here; on this eventful night, cherish all the good times and memories you’ve made throughout the year and reflect on who you’ve become.

We never forget to celebrate with family and friends on this special holiday, but at the end of the day allow some time to yourself and just think back to the memories you’ve made. Whether they were good or bad, know that it changed you in some way. You either learned through mistakes and consequences or through accomplishment and success. Either way you have become someone you should be proud of!

Merry Christmas! 🙂

~Open Our Minds

Change is a matter of choice, do it for those you wish.

There will always be people who will judge you very quickly, whether it’s based on your looks, attitude, how you speak, or what you believe in. Understand that whatever these people say are nothing to worry about because unless they’ve gotten to know you it’s all bullshit. These people are probably just ignorant and they have obviously have no credibility to judge you. Therefore, you should ignore what these people say and consider change for only those who have taken their time to understand and appreciate you for who you truly are. Change in this sense is a matter of choice.

This does not apply to all situations but…

~Open Our Minds

What matters isn’t the mistakes made, it’s the people who can turn those mistakes into miracles.

Everybody will make mistakes throughout their lives, some small, some large; but if they learn from it and produce something from nothing then it was “bitterly” worth it. For example, if you stole from a store, broke into a car, or vandalized private property,  nobody should look down on you if you learn from those crimes and begin to promote and educate what’s right. It’s like the common saying, “give back to a society that gave us a second chance.” Therefore, in a literal sense, yes, mistakes actually do “matter” (but there are obviously boundaries) but not necessarily because of the wrongs that were done, but the wrongs that would eventually turn into everlasting rights. “It’s difficult to give life, it’s strenuous to save lives, but it’s takes a miracle to change them.”



~Open Our Minds