Functional Movement Integrity – Passion and Perspectives I Wish to Spread

Most educational and influential individuals thus far: Gray Cook (Functional Movement Systems), Ido Portal (All you need is Move), Kelly Starrett (MobilityWOD), Carl Paoli (GymnasticsWOD), Charles Poliquin (Strength Sensei), Peter Sage (Entrepreneur), Gary Reinl (Author of ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option), Dr. Ray McClanahan and Sanatan Golden (Correcttoes), Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee (Barefoot Walking and Running), Behnad Honarbakhsh (Physiotherapist), Sherri Leigh (Massage Therapist), and Adam Janke (Pedorthist), and Tracy Barber (Physiotherapist).

The following content will not be in any order but it will be related to the individuals mentioned above.

Correcttoes videos on Minimalist Mondays:

This weekly series about foot mechanics and correction and prevention is still continuing but it is only up to week 7 right now. So stay tuned for more! 🙂

Monday Week 1:

Monday Week 2:

Monday Week 3:

Monday Week 4:

Monday Week 5:

Monday Week 6:

Monday Week 7:

Monday Week 8:

Monday Week 9:

Monday Week 10:

Monday Final Week 11:

Hammer toes: Conservative and Preventative care vs Conventional Care:


KELLY STARRETT (Profound Physiotherapist and Coach and Visionary):

This is his main MobilityWOD (WOD means work out of the day) website:

Here are videos that I recommend from the website and has helped me enormously:

Mobilize the Lower leg Bits:

Mobility of about Position: Stretch with Purpose, not to Warm up:

Part 1/3 Squat Cycle:

Part 2/3 Squat Cycle:

Part 3/3 Squat Cycle:

Make your own Super Floss/High Hamstring and Hip Gnar Gnar:

Mobility for tight Hips:

Drill for Hamstring Stiffness:

*Will update daily or weekly…*

~Barefoot equals Healthy Feet and therefore, Life

~Open Our Minds

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