Nursing 101

Posted: October 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

I have recently started my nursing program and I just want to describe the awesome ride it has been and knowing it will be better in the future. Each congratulations now merely becomes our motivation because we all understand there are no more little things in life; and everything we do now has a bigger picture. We are all in this program to do something greater than money, laws, and rules… as we all know that we are limited by boundaries. Nothing in the universe is greater than the opportunity to give life and create comfort for others. To serve others is to serve yourself… especially in a society where often times systematic funding decides the fate of an individual. The nursing profession may not possess the highest power in the hierarchical system but it is indeed the most intimate and most dedicated group of humans the world has ever seen. We are the people who become the middle men/women between everybody in society and each health care professional who determines their future. We have the power to provide comfort in times of grief, we must have the strength to carry each individual through the medical process, and we have indirectly swore to protect all from harm and disease. After thinking about this, it may have dissuaded you a little bit…

But it is the crazy ones who will cause change for the future and those who think we are a little bit delusional or illogical, are those who lack the understanding of doing something beyond only what must be done. Nursing was never intended to about yourself; it is the only profession that truly mediates pain and suffering on the journey towards psychological hell and physical incapacitation. We must also possess utmost resilience and an open mind-set as others will rely on us to be their guidance; and if we falter, everybody will fall.

Finally, we shall stand tall together and strive for responsibility for personal care, both for ourselves and for the people in need. We signed up for a profession that basically engraves in our minds and hearts, the value of staying healthy. However, it is extremely ironic as we work in an environment that is constantly contaminated by everything known to the human race. It has some comedic value to this statement, but it also proves that a nurse symbolizes the notion “against all odds” as we must persevere through things that some will never ever experience in life. Therefore, as a profession, we must understand that we do not expect a great understanding from the external perspectives; but all we ask is for everyone to support the aspect of protecting life itself. Everybody is familiar with the importance of life so it will be easier to persuade people in this manner; while we continue to uphold the health care system both psychologically and physically.

“To put it simply, our occupation is to provide a comfortable environment and elicit a story that creates a special connection between two human beings.”

“Trust can be easy or tough to gain; but it is simply our ability to communicate with another person with no walls and complete vulnerability.”

“To understand somebody’s story is the hardest thing to do in the world, why? Because the genuineness of the story often depends on more than just the individual themselves.”

“True understanding of an individual may never be achieved but it is our job to have the willingness to take a step into a chaotic environment and have the ability to suppress our anxiety and provide the best care we possibly can.”

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