Embodiment of an Eagle Provides Limitless Possibilities

Posted: October 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Wisdom is all around us!

                  We know things                                                                              We are something

We see things                               I AM THE LAND                                We are anything

We are all around                                                                            We are a miracle

Knowledge is within us

Nature is its history

I see a Prophecy                                                                                       I saw your destiny

Soaring through the skies

Carrying forgotten cries

Maybe it is never meant to be

Yet there is a glimmer of light

You’ve heard of all the made up lies

Which has covered up our historic demise

I believe it was always meant to be

Darkness is temporary if the light flickers from within

“Work together sisters. We must if we want to discover ourselves” (Kamloopa).

Embodiment of an Eagle provides limitless possibilities

Now you must understand your credibility

Believe in what you feel

For that will be your driving force

Find a deserving future

Knowledge is your strength

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