Embodiment of a Bear Unravels a Protective Mentality

Posted: October 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Forget the past, just focus on the present!

  I tasted things                                                                                                       I have a position

I felt things                                       I AM THIS SOCIETY                                      I am content

I am accepted                                                                                          I have no more ambition

Safety is the key to survival

The unknown is my rival

I see my ignorance                                                                                        I saw my own life

Maybe there is a truth

Turmoil cause me to shut one eye

Ignorance is the greatest bliss

So why find out how we exist

Conforming to society is not so bad

Making ends meet is all we need

Stop this bullshit! go to school and just study hard! (Kamloopa).

Embodiment of a Bear unravels a protective mentality

If we forget our subtleties there will be no calamity (meaning people will hate you if you do not conform to western society. Or disregard you and cause sudden distress or damage to your well being).

Society was always my safety net

I do not wish to pursue this truth

But I must understand this is no longer just for me

Discovering my past

Safety was my weakness


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