Embodiment of a Coyote Tames the Beast Within

Posted: October 5, 2018 in Uncategorized


I hear things                                                                                                              I am nothing

I smell things                                      I AM THE BEAST                          I am everything

I am something                                                                 I am extraordinary

Fever elicits a dream

Lost in history it seems

            I see the truth                                                                             I saw through a lie

Maybe a vision of a destiny

Or simply a misunderstanding

Blood boils with unknowing self-esteem

Like water, Blood can flow or crash to the extreme

Natural callings cause unimaginable pain

The heart races to fill the vessels with rage

Wake up realizing the lesson of the dream

Light strikes you like a translucent beam

“Something died out there and it wasn’t a coyote” (Kamloopa).

Embodiment of a Coyote Tames the Beast Within

Be humble in our roots and you will see where it begins

The vision was not a misunderstanding

Blood is contained with contentment

The battle is over as bliss is achieved

But the war is eternal as you remember what “WE” believed

Found in the present

Fever elicits a gift

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