Physiotherapy MMI Practice Question #1: Class Room Size Debate on Educational Outcomes

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

I believe that there should be a balance between large and small class room sizes in all educational settings. But I personally wish for a qualitative approach towards academic education as opposed to a quantitative one. We all know that quality is greater than quantity but we also know that we live in a monetary world right? So coming from that perspective, let me tell you the pros and cons of having larger class sizes versus smaller ones.

Having larger class sizes allows a greater number of students to receive education while sacrificing the “effectiveness” of the knowledge gained by each student. Think about it like this: if there are 300 students, each of their brains will absorb a piece of the information that they have learned from a professor or teacher. In other words, the gain in educational soundness is like an “intense competition” between 300 unique and thriving brains. And with some luck maybe 1-10 students achieved quality education. However, on the positive side, since we have a vast world population we benefit by having larger class sizes because we can provide an opportunity to hopefully teach the majority. The monetary value will also be lower compared to a qualitative approach because there would be less of a need to upgrade and build new infrastructure, hire more professors and teachers, and purchase more and better academic equipment.

From the other side of the spectrum, I believe that having smaller class sizes will indefinitely produce sound education for current and aspiring students. Think about it like this: if there are 30 students, the amount of information distributed and received by each nervous system should be higher in quality as there is “less competition” between brains. And through this effective education we can and will produce more thinkers then doers and less doers then thinkers into society. As opposed to larger classroom sizes, the monetary value will definitely be greater to facilitate and manage smaller class sizes.

Therefore, since we live in a monetary world, we can only hope for and slowly change for more quality and less quantity in our educational settings. However, we should never forget and always strive to teach and educate in a qualitative manner in any appropriate setting. And on the plus side, most universities provide a qualitative ratio of professor to students at “higher course levels.” One more interesting note is that the class room sizes in elementary schools and universities/colleges should be switched around to produce the “ideal” educational settings.

~Open Our Minds

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