The Benefits of Self-Limiting Exercises

Posted: April 13, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Self-limiting exercises are one of the most important methods of exercise that can decrease the risk of injuries and with enough training can “surpass normal functional limits (video below).”

If you ask anybody or “everybody” what do they wear when they go for a run they will say a pair of shoes of some kind. You will rarely hear them say barefoot! The difference between running in shoes and running without shoes has a great impact in our everyday health. For example, running in shoes allows us to run longer distances and for longer periods of time but it will increase our risk for injuries. This is true because of two important perspectives. From a physiological perspective, in this situation we will innately use our cardiovascular system as a limiting capacitor for exercise. In other words, the structural integrity of our ligaments, tendons, and muscles will be put at risk and thus are actually weaker due to the shoes over-protective support. Therefore, what we should do is use our feet as our “exercise capacity limiter” because it will allow us to reach fatigue honestly and prompt our brain to tell us to stop when we’ve truly had enough.

From a bio-mechanical perspective, the point of force impact when running in shoes is transferred up from the heel area due to “heel-strike” during a run, increasing the risk for injuries. The point of force impact is further front in the mid-sole area when running on barefoot and this method decreases the risk for injuries “naturally.” In other words, we will naturally avoid too much heel-strike and land more on our mid-sole.

Therefore, running in barefoot has many benefits from simply developing stronger intrinsic and extrinsic structures and decreasing the risk for injuries to surpassing human body limits (talked about in video below).

Caution: Although, barefoot walking and running can provide large benefits, be disciplined and listen to your body when “gradually” progressing into its lifestyle. A good way to go about achieving this is to gradually work into shoes with a lower platform before you put your feet into shoes such as the vibram five fingers, vivobarefoot, Nike free trainers or other wide toe-boxed and flat shoes, which are much closer to the ground. These shoes are the “goal” but we must work progressively or there will be unwanted consequences.

Credits to: Functional Movement Systems.

This video tells us about the secrets of our human body and what it can do if we did not have all the modern technological ease. (Talks about the point I did not really mention above, “surpassing human body limits).”

~Open Our Minds


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