How Does Movement and Exercise Work Together?

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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What is Exercise?

Is it to build bulky muscles? Is it to build muscle tone and look good? Is it to lose weight? Is it to increase fitness and participate in sports? Or is it just something you should do to gain some health benefits?

Most people would agree with the majority of points I have mentioned above, if not all. But how and what is the safest and most fundamental yet most beneficial way to exercise? In my opinion, it is a basic prerequisite we have driven away from or simply choose not to acknowledge any more for various reasons. This aspect resides in our functional movement patterns. It is the foundation of exercise itself. This makes sense because even if we go to see our family doctors and physicians and they rule out every danger relating to our vitals such as cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological problems etc, they will most likely never give you a movement analysis or assessment on how you move. This is essential to exercising effectively and efficiently. So we need to rule out our vitals and also create a stable yet mobile foundation for us to safely participate in training and activity. We need to focus on how to appropriately “re-learn” (because we all have movement skills and capacities already when we were born) this forgotten foundation, understand the importance of having it, and how and why it can and will reduce the risk of injuries.
~Open Our Minds

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