Mistakes Into Miracles

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What matters isn’t the mistakes made, it’s the people who can turn those mistakes into miracles.

Everybody will make mistakes throughout their lives, some small, some large; but if they learn from it and produce something from nothing then it was “bitterly” worth it. For example, if you stole from a store, broke into a car, or vandalized private property,  nobody should look down on you if you learn from those crimes and begin to promote and educate what’s right. It’s like the common saying, “give back to a society that gave us a second chance.” Therefore, in a literal sense, yes, mistakes actually do “matter” (but there are obviously boundaries) but not necessarily because of the wrongs that were done, but the wrongs that would eventually turn into everlasting rights. “It’s difficult to give life, it’s strenuous to save lives, but it’s takes a miracle to change them.”



~Open Our Minds


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