Genius is to Discover Our Passion

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Don’t judge anyone or anything by what they can’t do or isn’t good at; instead judge them by what they are capable of doing and are good at because if you do the latter you will realize that they aren’t good at everything but may excel in a few. Everybody is good at something so we must test them based on what they love and where their passion lies. For example, a rather extreme one, if you tell a child that he or she is stupid because they cannot drive a car then they will live their lives believing this is true. They have not learned the difference between what makes someone stupid and what does not. An example by the great Albert Einstein, “if you ask a fish to try to climb a tree you are just wasting your time because if you throw it in the water then the word “genius” will shine in its effortless strides.” Therefore, throughout our lives we should encourage people and help them realize their passion and strengths and motivate them to achieve their dreams. But always remember to make those goals reachable one step at a time because that is the key to “true motivation.”

“Motivation is the standing ovation of life, your audience awaits.” – Facebook

~Open Our Minds


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