Friends are Not Business Partners

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A friend who becomes a business partner is no longer a friend.

The tendency to over think when someone receives or delivers a gift is not surprisingly overestimated. Some people call it a “deal, bargain, or trade,” and feel it is vital to give something back as soon as possible. This is what we call the “business transaction.” It is when a business deal is made in order to benefit both companies equally. It is when someone from another company sends you a gift and you feel obligated to give one back. In turn, these business transactions will allow both companies to thrive and all is well. But when it is between “friends,” please drop the absoluteness and obligations and just think of it as a simple gesture of kindness and care. If you feel obligated to return a favour or gift and sink into the over thinking stage then you are both disrespecting your friend and giving yourself unnecessary worries. I’m not saying that you don’t need to return a good gesture or favour, but try not to take it to heart and think of it as an obligation in which time is a factor. Because this means that person was nothing but a business partner from the beginning. Your friends are your friends for a good reason and those reasons don’t revolve around absolute expectations! Therefore, treat them as the “business partner” who holds kind gestures and is timeless. In other words, givers should not have absolute expectations and receivers should not feel obligations. Good friends give gifts mostly because they want to make you feel happy.

~Open Our Minds


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