Earn control o…

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Reblogging the first post of my entire blog just to Re-convey good information.

Opening our Minds - Interpersonal Communication

Earn control of your own body before attempting to gain respect from the environment (Weights, objects, external load) around you.

If you think about it we were born to “move” more so than anything else. Why? simply because nobody taught us to move. As a baby our “bodies” showed us that we need enough integrity to be able to move around and interact with our environment. But as we age we tend to forget and even exclude the fundamentals that once gave us the amazing opportunity to move properly and efficiently. Thus, in order to gain the most benefits, we need to be able to move and control our bodies with enough integrity before we attempt to challenge objects outside of it.

Hello, I just wanted to start with a quote I wrote because I feel it would be a better opener to my blog. I hope it shows a…

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