Functional Movement Integrity and Feet Health I Wish to Spread: Please Provide Feedback if Deemed Interesting

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I just wanted to let everybody know that I have recently created a new page next to “About” tab about Functional Movement Integrity. It is dedicated to some of the most in-depth experts in their field and knowledgeI have gained from following them. In case you did not know, even though I write a lot about philosophy, motivation, and inspiration, I also have a passion for Rehabilitation, Prevention, and Treatment of problems etc. Also, the beginning first half of this blog actually started out as an online course for Professional Ethics in Physiotherapy in which I posted various videos about movement, rehabilitation and exercise. So please check out the new page and provide feedback and hopefully it will help you solve many of the growing health and musculoskeletal problems we all face today (especially chronic problems).

So far I have posted a series (still continuing) from correcttoes youtube channel about how to fix foot mechanics from wearing bad shoes and what are techniques and type of shoes we should be doing and wearing respectively. I will continue to post more videos and possibly articles.

“Move well before Moving often.” – Gray Cook (Functional Movement Systems)


~Open Our Minds


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