Don’t Deceive Yourself, Accept It, Let Go

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Don’t deceive yourself into believing something that is not, instead, face it and accept the fact that it’s the truth whether you like it or not

Sometimes people find themselves in a state where they find or “must” find a reason to believe in something even though it may no longer be true. Their emotions will cloud their mind and cause them to hesitate every time a particular situation arises. For example, this happens quite a bit in relationships because there is a lot to lose due to the time they’ve put into trying to work it out. But we all know that staying together in an unsteady relationship will not lead to happiness and fulfilment. In order to maintain a healthy relationship, there needs to be a good amount of understanding and trust between two people as well as overall compatibility. If you find out that the relationship lacks any of these aspects “and” you have tried hard enough to work it out, then you must accept it and let it go. Because what you may lose will not be greater than what you will eventually gain. Therefore, we must realize the fact that when things are not working out, excuses need to stop after a while, or else it will just be a cycle unreasonable disappointments.

~Open Our Minds


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