Comfort Elicits The Truth

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If a friend is in need just provide them a comfortable vibe so they can be themselves around you and the trouble they are facing.

We all have our dire times or times of need in which we seek significant support from the people we care about but we sometimes don’t have the courage to do this. Sometimes your friends will hide their true emotions by ignoring a question, using excuses, or most commonly laughing about it. If we notice this and try to question them they will sometimes ignore it. Therefore, what we should do is just act in a way that makes them feel comfortable around you, to the point that they can open up to you. For example, joke around a little bit, have an open mind and show them that you won’t judge, and eventually they will trust you enough to tell you what’s bothering them. The bottom line is to be yourself in a sincere way and if you are able to get them to talk to you about their problems, then that is a bonus you have earned. Everything after is easy because all you gotta do is keep that trust intact and you will have an understanding relationship.

~Open Our Minds


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