You Cannot Be Bad at Being Who You Already Are

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Age by reflection and experiences, rather than imitations.

When we were kids we always looked up to someone, like an idol or a role model. But when we grow up, we start to understand more and more the kind of person we wish to become. These influences that drive you to become who you want to be, comes from reflecting on our present and past experiences and our environment. As teenagers, we always try to change ourselves and act differently just to fit into a group. Sometimes it is extremely tough to battle peer pressure and not succumb to the “popular norm,” but eventually everybody should discover who they truly are. Therefore, whether you reflect or imitate, the choice is absolutely up to you. On this note, let me say one more thing: you will “always” be bad at trying to imitate someone who you’re not but you cannot be bad at being who you “already” are.

Something extra to think about:

~Open Our Minds.


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