Honest Laughter: We All Had it and We Still Do

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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An honest laughter delivers a thousand smiles.

People say laughter is one of the best medicines in the world that can cure the the worst of problems. I totally agree. But to be more specific, the laughter should be honest and carefree. This natural reaction not only puts smiles on the faces of people around you but also delivers a hint of joy to strangers who take notice. For example, a baby’s laughter is so pure and honest that it elicits a smile from everyone who see or hear it. This is exactly what I mean by “an honest laughter that can deliver a thousand smiles.” From another perspective, we sometimes laugh with little conviction due to underlying restriction. This is a part of who we are because we have emotions that control the genuineness in our laughter. Although, this is true, whenever suitable, I encourage everybody to laugh honestly like the child they once were because it is one of the most genuine and powerful gifts we received when we came to this world. Therefore, an honest laughter is not only a great ability, but it is actually a natural medicinal herb we were born with before we ever encountered any diseases or disabilities. Its as if we were all given this ability to have the strength to battle through negative problems that would eventually come. So if we all have this ability to “treat” ourselves and others, why not use it as much as we can?

Child and Baby’s Laughter:

This video is of the two sisters in the picture and it will make you laugh genuinely:


~Open Our Minds

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