Do We Really Have the Strength to Get Through Difficult Times?

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Everybody has some sort of difficulty going on in their lives whether it was in the past, present, or the near future. If life was easy, we wouldn’t have to work hard at everything we “want” to achieve or overcome. Dreams are at the top of the achievement scale and for some it may never be reached. Yes, it may be sad, but it is also life. To work hard at something doesn’t mean you will be rewarded with what you’ve always wanted. Working hard and having the “strength” to strive through those hardships is a ability that we all must experience no matter what our life outcome turns out to be. Take Bruce Lee for example, he worked hard and became one of the greatest martial artist and one of the most influential and innovative human being. But remember that not many people can deliver, excel and be as innovative as him in one particular area. For him, hard work “did” pay off and he achieved greatness through his mind, body, and spirit. However, most of us will say “we all know of course life isn’t easy,” but do we all believe that we have the strength to get through it? If we do not experience the hardships of living then we will never learn to appreciate other people as well as ourselves and most importantly, our ability to overcome these issues. It is easy sympathize and maybe empathize but it is tough to actually have the courage to step forward and make a change. Therefore, no matter what tragedies we face, we need to face it together and educate ourselves to develop holistic sense and act positively on issues that inevitably affect us all.

~Open Our Minds


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