Experiences Always Came Before Scientific Evidence

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Science always came after experiences and… it still should.

In the world today we often forget and even neglect our intuition and favour what has already been done. We have learned to only follow what has been written on paper over time. The richness of our intuition has become poor and so I encourage you to be aware of these changes in yourselves and in others around you. We often find that when we converse with people we end up hearing or sensing the word or aspect of “rationality.” Rationality may not specifically mean science but it is also under the “follower” category mentioned above. “If it isn’t rational, it is BS!” This may be the trump card in many arguments or discussions and I totally agree. However, we cannot let what makes total sense trap our minds because it will become stale and repetitive. Instead, we have to become irrational to an extent in order to retain the free and ideal mind. Thus, there is no “new” learning from being rational or repetitive. It may help you succeed in arguments and discussions and learn how to be versatile in heated conversations in which facts are favoured, but it will never “educate” you. In other words, balance of the mind is the key.

Science is excellent and has been the revolutionary academic that helps us prove the adequacy or existence of various ideas from all of our unique minds. However, we must “never” forget that without experiencing something we do not trigger an idea worthy of scientific evidence. In other words, science can only “prove” what we experience and attempt to further investigate.

P.S. You can argue that you prefer things and ideas that are proven and have substantial back-up and evidence; however, never forget that new and pure knowledge only comes from experience.

Final note to take away: Personal experience is the greatest and most powerful educational tool; it can either allow you to become a teacher or… a sensei. Because there really are no such thing as “guru’s,” as personal experience and education is subjective.

~Open Our Minds


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