Final Week: Education Never Ceases to Amaze Us

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Wow! It has already been six weeks. I have learned an immense amount of information from many different perspectives. Most of the information reached a consensus in regards to my own perspective and opinions but nonetheless the course was extremely stimulating and educational. I believe the best attribute we have all gained is a more open mind. Thus, this course positively enhanced our character? 🙂

Without further ado… three of the largest aspects or concepts or beliefs that has enhanced my character are… I cannot seem to point them out. I think my thoughts about ethics as a whole are still similar to when I began this course. Maybe my perspectives on certain topics have changed throughout the six weeks but it is not enough for me to say I have changed my perspective. Probably, the “most” (still not to much) change happen during the weeks about equality, torture, and euthanasia? What hit me the most about equality is that there is a large difference between how homosexuality and racism (as well as other prejudices/discriminations that are judged by the law). Homosexuality has more to do with a religious perspective and how it is wrong to be attracted to the same gender or let alone get married. To me, this is extremely absurd because if I was religious I would believe that God would want everybody to be happy no matter who or what they loved. “Weirdness” is a word “we” created and “applied” to certain situations such as this but if we never learned that word (or words related), then homosexuality may not even be a problem. Torture is a huge topic that I always opposed and strictly thought was wrong but after reading some posts I realize that torture itself cannot be extinct and may be used in dire situations. However, we must always remember that it is “NOT” okay; because “repetition and familiarity” may become the easy way out and we absolutely cannot let that happen. As for euthanasia, I learned more about the difficulty in passing it as law and the different perspectives not only from all the participants but also on a wider scale such as countries and cultures. I also realized even more how necessary and essential assisted suicide may be for certain extreme situations.

Since I have strong views about how I would “ideally” and “realistically” deal with personal and professional situations or dilemmas, I made up a philosophy called “redealism” haha. 🙂 We must always have dreams or ideals in the back of our minds as a constant driving force toward our goals but at the same time we have to be down to earth and realistic with our goals. In other words, whether dormant or active, our dreams will always be there and attempt to push us to be better at what we are doing.

Now I am going to speak more about my personality because I believe that it reflects what I have learned throughout the course and how it has  improved some of my perspectives. First off, We must consider “all” opinions no matter what they may be because all of them have equal value from a judgemental perspective. We obviously learn better if we  listen to something that opposes or is different from our own opinions because it is “new” and it will not just reinforce our thinking but it will create something new and maintain it, “if” we allow it. Second, we must analyze each situation carefully and sincerely before making accusations or even rumours about somebody or something. One of the most regretful things in life is to accuse someone or something and later find out you were wrong. This is another way of distancing or losing relationships we once “cherished.” It is ignorant to say you cherish a relationship but you do not know how to maintain it. Third, we should try to give the benefit of the doubt to people by controlling our judgement while maintaining our ground. In other words, we do not know what other people are going through so before we judge seriously we should give them some benefit until you learn more about them.

“Education never stops and do not let it interfere with our schooling” (paraphrased from Mark Twain).

Lastly, a persons accomplishments are limited by their character. In other words, no matter how many goals you achieve, it will only be as good as your character allows. I believe that no matter what career path we choose, in this case it is physiotherapy and rehabilitation, “having a creative mind along with a passionate career will lead to occupational innovation.” Thus, by doing a little more than just within the scope of the job, there is bound to be new concepts and ideas that work.

  1. Wendy Walker says:

    “The best attribute we have all gained is an open mind” – very true. Well said, Jackie!

  2. tismej says:

    I think you summed up a point very nicely.
    “We must analyze each situation carefully and sincerely before making accusations” and “we should try to give the benefit of the doubt to people by controlling our judgement while maintaining our ground.”
    I feel that if we keep these in mind instead of ignorantly judging, we will truly learn to understand each other.

  3. Josie says:

    Congratulation, finally it is the last week of your course. Now, you can take up greater challenger after your learn this course. I totally agreed that education never stops. With a creative mind, it will make your future career more interesting and fun to work.

    Honestly, I also learned a lot when I read your blog. Unfortunately, I did not read all. The one kept on sticking in my mind is the difference among pity, empathy and sympathy. They are the words you use most of the time. You think you know their difference but you don’t really know. Therefore, I am also very open minded like you to try new things because I know that I will learn something from time to time. Your new word: “redealism” which is a very interesting word.

    Hopefully, I will talk to you again for your new blog.


    • jackiewong88 says:

      Hey Josie,

      Thanks for reading my posts! Understanding the difference between those three words is very important in daily life in order to preserve and fulfil relationships. And “redealism” is just to have dreams and ideals to push yourself but also remaining real.


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