Third Week Reflection Post: “Human” Equality Needs no Labels

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After reading a several posts on equality, I found that Wendy’s and Kristin’s post stood out to me a bit more. So I wanted to talk about their points and what I think of them.

Wendy’s  post about equality showed her honesty and confessions and we all know this is tough to come to a consensus with yourself. I really liked how she stated that she believes laws come first and beliefs come second; because this is the only way to maintain consistency. However, what intrigued me more is her question to us about following laws and rules that we ourselves do not agree with. This provided a true sense of reality in which we must reluctantly obey the laws we do not agree with in order for it to grant us the protection we require. Kristin’s comment added some more insight that I did not think of. She mentioned a dilemma about whether we could stand up for our beliefs if we were not living in a society which corresponds with our beliefs. To be honest, it takes immense courage to stand up, especially alone, for your own beliefs. Therefore, in reality I think we would have to adjust to the new laws and rules which run the new society.

There is without a doubt, that we are all humans first and everything else second. As a non-religious person I got great insight from the bible after reading Kristin’s post. This was further illustrated nicely by tying her ideas in with Michael Rowe’s comment! It made me realize that people can use a holy being such as God to justify things that are sometimes horribly wrong. In other words, this gives them a sense of “right” for an obvious wrong from a humane eye. I also cannot stress the concept of “we humans, were all born the same way” and we should treat each other equally. However, the differences we experience shape our lives and beliefs. What I mean is, we all have a unique mind-set which is necessary to propel our innovations but we should all have a universal sense of “fundamental” human morality, equality, and empathy. Simply because we are all the same species.

“WE” created labels for the human race, thus, only “WE” can remove them. Familiarity is just easier than managing the truth.

  1. kfcameron08 says:

    Hi Jacky 🙂

    What a great post. Your reflections show great insight and it seems you’ve been challenged, which is great. I’m so glad I could provide you with some insight, if anything, that was one of my hopes for this course. I really do agree with your statement: “we should all have a universal sense of “fundamental” human morality, equality, and empathy. Simply because we are all the same species.” We so often forget that we are all from the same species and it’s really important to be reminded of that. It should be emphasised because it’s one of the few things that will always unite us as humans and we must embrace it in order to progress forward.

    Your closing statement is so powerful. Only we can remove the labels we have created. I know that’s a challenge for myself and it has been an ongoing journey for me to do so. It’s really shocking for me that race is still how we are defined, especially where I am, in South Africa. These labels are so unnecessary. Humans seem to choose the easy way out and only mingle with people that are similar to them. Even though we fail to realise that people that are different to us can provide so much insight into our own lives.

    Again, what a great post 🙂

    • jackiewong88 says:

      Thanks for the great feedback Kristin! Yeah, we inevitably have labels because we in “fact” have different coloured skin, beliefs, dreams, and culture. But in the end, we are all one race… the human race and that is the universal fundamental we need to remember and preach. It is always good to give the benefit of the doubt to somebody unless you know for a fact that it will not be effective… However, that is something we can probably never truly know; so “benefit of the doubt” becomes a choice. Thus, one can say you will be a better person. This is all coming from a ideal point of view of course. 🙂

  2. Josie says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I did not read Wendy and Kristin’s blog but I like your open-minded to look at other people’s view.

    Good job.


  3. Wendy Walker says:

    Once again, Jackie, you’ve written a thoughtful and thought-provoking post.
    I get the distinct impression that you and I are both finding that this way of studying is causing some pretty profound shifts in thinking – exciting, isn’t it?

    • jackiewong88 says:

      Yes! Wendy! This way of studying and learning sometimes feels a lot more effective and has that profound aspect. Very exciting, as we get to spread each of our individual unique ideas. Because in person it may be difficult to convey our ideas in a detailed way.


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