Third Week: Equality Needs to be Perceived Solely From a Humanistic Perspective

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“The power of one individual can change many lives, but only the world has the power to change itself.”

First question: Do we want equality?

Second question: Do we understand equality?

Last question: Do we choose to understand equality?

If these questions were asked upon somebody I believe the answers will be both “sure” and “vague.” This is especially problematic for religious individuals who have their beliefs guided by a higher power or uncontrollable factors. The first question, do we want quality? is probably the easiest to answer openly because it does not require the individual to jeopardize their own beliefs per say. If you ask anybody if they want equality, I am sure the majority will say “YES!” But when the second question is asked, the different beliefs start to come out. Since there are over 5 billion different perspectives about equality out there, it is inevitable that there will be conflictual beliefs. A few of the largest factors for such conflicts around equality is affected by our education, environment, and unique self-beliefs. Thus, people from different backgrounds will have a greater difference about equality than ones from the same background. This is not to say that people from the same background will agree all the time because we still have to take into account the “unique self-beliefs.” Now you can see why equality may be so easy to “want” but extremely difficult to understand.

The third question in my perspective is the leading problem at any level of conflict in general. But in this case it is about equality. As I mentioned in my second week post about morality, everything comes down to “choice.” We can want equality and we can even understand equality enough to live contently, but even if we accomplished those goals, our choices ultimately define the outcome. In other words, if somebody wants equality and understands it but chooses to display “ignorance,” it will be all for nothing. Thus, this individual will become worse than a person who is actually ignorant.

In the article about “Uganda and the Science on Homosexuality,” (at the very end) I think it is a prime example of political powers who understand equality and its importance, but still choose to ignore it. And whatever the reason is, it is wrong from a humanity perspective.

False Hope: Only in a world of Utopia and complete unification of everybody’s minds  will there be an “easy” solution to equality. However, we all know that in a world where everybody’s thoughts, beliefs, and values, are the same, our lives are already lost. Lost in the form of soul, freedom, and choice, thus, we will live on repeatedly and repetitively without having any reason why.

This brings us back to the notion of balance! As mentioned many times in other blog posts and my own, balance is the key in an imperfect world and in reality. We must balance our minds and ourselves first and foremost, before we attempt to challenge other minds.

  1. Wendy Walker says:

    Oh, those are great questions, Jackie. Like you I immediately shouted Yes to the first question, but then I stumbled as I thought about the second and third.
    This post has given me a lot to think about. Your point about the world being less than perfect is very pertinent – I keep forgetting this!

  2. Josie says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Equality sounds familiar to me. Everybody wants to be treated equally especially in Canada with multi-racial. However, do we understand equality or do we choose to understand equality? It is difficult to judge. In some culture, women are inferior to men but it does not mean that they do not understand equality. It is only their culture. People with different background and culture always deter their belief and understanding of equality. I remembered to go to a girlfriend’s baby shower who is from Sri Lanka in Canada. During supper time, men will be the first group to choose the food. Then, it will follow by children and women. Do they understand equality? Yes, they do but do they practice it? I doubt.

    However, I like your ideas – always very unique.


    • jackiewong88 says:

      Thanks for your input Josie! 🙂 Yes, I agree with all you say. It is easy to understand equality because we are all the same species. But the fact that we created unnecessary labels and and differences (ie. cultural differences) is some of the reasons why we cannot be equal. As you said about how the men are suppose to get food first for supper, but why can’t it be women first the next time? It is such a trivial matter but it is chosen to set them apart.


      • Josie says:

        Hi Jackie,

        My girlfriend from Argentia tried to get food her kids but the men told her that it is not for her turn yet. Sometimes, women did try to change the norm but it is the society will not allow us to do it.



      • jackiewong88 says:

        Hey Joise,

        Yes, that is exactly my point. “It is society that will not allow us to do it,” which is why the created differences by our hands from the beginning that has brought about inequality even at a trivial level such as getting food.

        I am sure the women have tried to change it but it is the views and beliefs that are greater in respect to that attempt to change.


  3. I agree with you, ” We must balance our minds and ourselves first and foremost, before we attempt to challenge other minds.” Great blog post!

  4. tismej says:

    Hey Jackie,
    Nice post!! I thought your line “Lost in the form of soul, freedom, and choice, thus, we will live on repeatedly and repetitively without having any reason why.” was really interesting. Perhaps life would become strangely similar if there was complete equality and no uniqueness. Perhaps inequality in personal traits and personal talents are what makes the world exist in some sort of dynamic equilibrium.

    • jackiewong88 says:

      Thanks Tismej! All I can say is “agreed.” 🙂 Here’s something I wrote a while ago: “It’s the similarities that make our lives; but it’s the differences that balance it.”


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