Forget the past, just focus on the present!

  I tasted things                                                                                                       I have a position

I felt things                                       I AM THIS SOCIETY                                      I am content

I am accepted                                                                                          I have no more ambition

Safety is the key to survival

The unknown is my rival

I see my ignorance                                                                                        I saw my own life

Maybe there is a truth

Turmoil cause me to shut one eye

Ignorance is the greatest bliss

So why find out how we exist

Conforming to society is not so bad

Making ends meet is all we need

Stop this bullshit! go to school and just study hard! (Kamloopa).

Embodiment of a Bear unravels a protective mentality

If we forget our subtleties there will be no calamity (meaning people will hate you if you do not conform to western society. Or disregard you and cause sudden distress or damage to your well being).

Society was always my safety net

I do not wish to pursue this truth

But I must understand this is no longer just for me

Discovering my past

Safety was my weakness


Wisdom is all around us!

                  We know things                                                                              We are something

We see things                               I AM THE LAND                                We are anything

We are all around                                                                            We are a miracle

Knowledge is within us

Nature is its history

I see a Prophecy                                                                                       I saw your destiny

Soaring through the skies

Carrying forgotten cries

Maybe it is never meant to be

Yet there is a glimmer of light

You’ve heard of all the made up lies

Which has covered up our historic demise

I believe it was always meant to be

Darkness is temporary if the light flickers from within

“Work together sisters. We must if we want to discover ourselves” (Kamloopa).

Embodiment of an Eagle provides limitless possibilities

Now you must understand your credibility

Believe in what you feel

For that will be your driving force

Find a deserving future

Knowledge is your strength


I hear things                                                                                                              I am nothing

I smell things                                      I AM THE BEAST                          I am everything

I am something                                                                 I am extraordinary

Fever elicits a dream

Lost in history it seems

            I see the truth                                                                             I saw through a lie

Maybe a vision of a destiny

Or simply a misunderstanding

Blood boils with unknowing self-esteem

Like water, Blood can flow or crash to the extreme

Natural callings cause unimaginable pain

The heart races to fill the vessels with rage

Wake up realizing the lesson of the dream

Light strikes you like a translucent beam

“Something died out there and it wasn’t a coyote” (Kamloopa).

Embodiment of a Coyote Tames the Beast Within

Be humble in our roots and you will see where it begins

The vision was not a misunderstanding

Blood is contained with contentment

The battle is over as bliss is achieved

But the war is eternal as you remember what “WE” believed

Found in the present

Fever elicits a gift

I have always been appreciative of health practitioners of all fields but in my opinion, physiotherapy is the most holistic treatment approach for the majority of mechanical problems. Since I was a child, I was always active but once I suffered a small injury that turned into something extremely debilitating and long lasting I realized that my goal is to become a competent Physiotherapist and my dream is teach prevention and rehabilitation strategies that will help everybody reduce the amount of dysfunction and pain they may develop throughout life. Our society is fast paced and it is easy to forget that our top priority is our health. Therefore, I hope that my experiences as a patient will help me connect and communicate with help me in my professional career as a hopeful physiotherapist.

I have harnessed an in-depth patient perspective from my share of dysfunction and debilitation. Having about seven years experience of self-discovery in recovery and rehabilitation, I believe that I can deliver a personal message on how to motivate yourself and develop a optimistic mind-set to never give up. This is extremely important because people can give up easily when they feel there is no clear explanation on how and what they feel. Most seemingly debilitating symptoms can actually be reduced to minimal or none with the correct mind-set and management strategies.

~Open Our Minds

I believe that there should be a balance between large and small class room sizes in all educational settings. But I personally wish for a qualitative approach towards academic education as opposed to a quantitative one. We all know that quality is greater than quantity but we also know that we live in a monetary world right? So coming from that perspective, let me tell you the pros and cons of having larger class sizes versus smaller ones.

Having larger class sizes allows a greater number of students to receive education while sacrificing the “effectiveness” of the knowledge gained by each student. Think about it like this: if there are 300 students, each of their brains will absorb a piece of the information that they have learned from a professor or teacher. In other words, the gain in educational soundness is like an “intense competition” between 300 unique and thriving brains. And with some luck maybe 1-10 students achieved quality education. However, on the positive side, since we have a vast world population we benefit by having larger class sizes because we can provide an opportunity to hopefully teach the majority. The monetary value will also be lower compared to a qualitative approach because there would be less of a need to upgrade and build new infrastructure, hire more professors and teachers, and purchase more and better academic equipment.

From the other side of the spectrum, I believe that having smaller class sizes will indefinitely produce sound education for current and aspiring students. Think about it like this: if there are 30 students, the amount of information distributed and received by each nervous system should be higher in quality as there is “less competition” between brains. And through this effective education we can and will produce more thinkers then doers and less doers then thinkers into society. As opposed to larger classroom sizes, the monetary value will definitely be greater to facilitate and manage smaller class sizes.

Therefore, since we live in a monetary world, we can only hope for and slowly change for more quality and less quantity in our educational settings. However, we should never forget and always strive to teach and educate in a qualitative manner in any appropriate setting. And on the plus side, most universities provide a qualitative ratio of professor to students at “higher course levels.” One more interesting note is that the class room sizes in elementary schools and universities/colleges should be switched around to produce the “ideal” educational settings.

~Open Our Minds

“Life is what you make it, but it’s up to you to take what you deserve.” – David So

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Stiffness in relation to the body is something that you can describe with the point of just below rigidity. Mobility in this sense means to be supple and free. I have learned from my own experience about the importance of finding the balance between these two imperative aspects in maintaining physical capacity and especially recovery. Once we are injured or suffer any trauma in anyway and we do not possess the “best” treatment and rehabilitation knowledge, most of us will go down a path leading to a chronic vicious cycle involving stress and agony.

So back to the balance between stiffness and mobility. There is enormous support out there in both the literature and society that relaxation is much more beneficial than being stiff. However, for somebody who has had chronic debilitation for a long time, they may not know how much relaxation is ideal. For example, they feel relief from a single leg stance with total relaxation with the arch still pretty strong. BUT the brain and the tissues may be saying: “Oh that is a lot better, lets keep it this way for now.” Then after experiencing this relief, you start to realize that even though this relaxed state feels better than the “complete stiffness” you had before it is “still” causing you discomfort but of a different kind. Then you start to wonder why does it feel like this if “I am relaxed…?” 

Well the answer is that you have forgotten how to find the balance between being stiff and mobile. The brain and body is extremely smart as it keeps causing you discomfort as an alarm system to tell you that something is still off. So it is up to you to find the balance from being in one extreme – completely stiff (during period of recovery) into the other extreme – being completely relaxed. As Functional Movement Systems Gray Cook says: Once you gain some mobility go add some strength. This is the key to maintaining the balance between stiffness and mobility. Also, in a relaxed state as opposed to the stiff state, you will most likely be in a position which will reinforce your strength gains; but just not as ideal as in the balanced state.

Mobility = Towards suppleness and free.
Stability = Towards Stiffness

~Open Our Minds